Free 1993 DEADPOOL Promo Magazine - Codeword Sale Ending!


I was working here in our Jason St. Mega-Store late into the evening last night. I was not sorting comics, but rather throwing away old paperwork and cleaning shelves in our chaotic storage area in the back of the building. This is work that is long overdue, but simply could not be done until we had first accomplished our primary missions that resulted from our big merger of warehouses that occurred last spring. Blessedly, we are now operating a full speed, so I can now spare a few moments to actually clean up that which had been set aside many months ago.


The good news is that my efforts are uncovering quite a few nice collectibles that were misplaced during our move. One particularly noteworthy item that I discovered last night was a small bundle of 50 copies of the extremely scarce eight-page promotional flier Marvel Spotlight (1993) #6 published by Marvel in June of 1993, that featured the release of the very first DEADPOOL mini-series! All of these small comic-size magazines have small bends from being bundled for 24 years, but they would still make a very cool addition to your collection. A copy can be yours entirely for FREE if you are among the first 50 fans to place any order with us this week over $20. Please note, however, that there needs to be a limit of one copy per client. Please just put in the "notes" section of the order you would like a FREE copy of Marvel Spotlight (1993) #6. Enjoy!

In other Marvel news, I am part of an online news group that is receiving advance word about Marvel's upcoming SECRET EMPIRE series. Given that Marvel has disappointed us so much over the past couple of years with huge "events" that ultimately turned out to be underwhelming, we have been quite skeptical about the whole proposed "CAPTAIN AMERICA as an agent of HYDRA" storyline.


What is coming through via my news group, however, is at Marvel management is finally waking up to the fact that the multicultural character overlays that they have been forcing upon longtime fans have turned out to be remarkably unpopular, and that they need to immediately return to the basics of great storytelling. If true, that could (possibly) make this upcoming series a huge hit. In addition, the fact that SECRET EMPIRE #1 releases on the Wednesday right before Free Comic Book Day almost guarantees that it will sell quite well. Will fans then like the story? That is yet to be seen...

STAR WARS (2015) #30 Mile High Exclusive

In other news, our 30th consecutive Mile High Comics exclusive STAR WARS (2015) variant edition will be releasing on April 5th. You can still preorder this cool variant through us for only $19.95. The price will rise to $24.95 upon release. Most of our print runs on these scarce variants are set at only 3,000 copies, so they are among the rarest STAR WARS comics ever printed. As an aside, Pam recently entered a few lower grade copies of some of our earlier variants. Those are priced well below $24.95, but please note that we have only a few copies of each in lower grades. Lower grades generally resulted from indifferent packaging at the printing plant...

I will close by mentioning that our annual 30%off SPRINGBREAK! codeword sale on our ten million back issue comics and magazines will end on Friday, as will our 30%-40% off sale on our trade paperbacks, hardbacks, and graphic novels. 'Nuff said...

Happy collecting!

Chuck Rozanski,
President - Mile High Comics, Inc.
April 3, 2017

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