EC Comics Convention, Silver Age Marvels, and Toilet Paper Drive


I'll begin today's newsletter by mentioning that we picked up some very nice low grade key issues over the last couple of days. Included are a DAREDEVIL #1 & #2, AVENGERS #4, IRON FIST #14, and X-MEN (1963) #5, #7, #8, #10-#19. This is part of an ongoing effort that we've undertaken since early last year to greatly enhance our overall selection of comics, books, and magazines for you. Clearly, things are working out really well!


One thing that may surprise you about this effort is that we are just as pleased when we can find the older issues in low grades, as when we find them in VF and NM. Simply put, there are entirely different collector mindsets as regards collecting. Some fans want to own just a very few issues in "investment" grades, while other folks are more attuned to seeking to obtain a broad diversity of lower-priced issues. Personally, I fall into the latter category, as many of the comics in my own collection are so well-read that they are nearly rags. I dearly love them, however, so I am still quite satisfied to own them.


Aside from those older key issues, I want you to know we also have added a broad spectrum of other comics lately, including nice batches of rare variants, a slew of new issues, and some very scarce magazines. We also added an extremely rare set of memorabilia from the legendary 1972 EC Fan Addict Convention. My good friend, Dennis Wakabyashi (one of the founders of Denver's MIDDLE EARTH publishing empire) picked up this material when he ran a booth at the EC show. His collection then became a part of his estate when he passed away two years ago, and his widow sold them to me on Monday. I avidly collect material from early comics conventions, and I have to tell you that I have never before come across an unused badge from the EC Convention. Dennis still owned three!


All of the previous having been said, I am keeping one set of these great collectibles for my own collection, selling one separately, and offering the last one as a part of a set that includes the beautiful red EC pin back button, the Progress Report, the convention program, and an ultra-rare unused ballot for the convention fan awards. I cannot envision ever finding another 45 year old stash of these cool items, so I encourage those of you who appreciate such rarities to order immediately.

EC 1972 CONVENTION ultra-rare unused ballot

My only other bit of news for today is that we are about to begin a massive toilet paper drive here at Mile High Comics. That may sound a little strange, but we are seeking prodigious amounts of TP donations for the St. Francis Center, which is one of the places where "Feeding Denver's Hungry" sets up on Thursdays. We met with their staff on Monday to seek ways that we could help them in their own charitable efforts, and their director mentioned to us that they have 750+ homeless individuals a day passing through the center, most of whom end up using their facilities.

As a direct result, purchasing TP is a major cost burden for them. To help them to mitigate this difficulty, I offered to host a paper drive during which I will give away a $500 shopping spree at Mile High Comics. The cost per chance drawing ticket is either $1, or one roll of wrapped toilet paper. The drawing will be held at 2 PM on March 18th, and you DO NOT need to be present to win. If you would be willing to support our effort to help the St. Francis Center from outside of Colorado, you can do so by purchasing either a $5, $10, $20 St. Francis Center donation via our website. We will enter your tickets into the drawing, and let you know if you win on that Saturday afternoon. This will be fun! Also, presuming that this promotion is successful, I will be adding some nice secondary prizes. Please help us to help the St. Francis Center, if you can.

Happy collecting!

Chuck Rozanski,
President - Mile High Comics, Inc.
March 1, 2017

P.S. Below are even more nice photo arrays of comics that are available to you in today's New-In-Stock link. Enjoy!

Array #1

Array #2

Array #3

Array #4

Array #5

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