Want List Directions

  1. Sign up for Your One ID
    This will also sign you up for Chuck's email Newsletters and allow you to auto fill your address information when ordering.
  2. Confirm Your Registration
    Follow the link in the Mile High Comic Registration email.
  3. Add Items to Your Want List
    Use the drop down menu in the right hand column to select the item and grade(s).
  4. Save Your Want List
    Adding an item to your Want List stores it in a Temporary Want List. You will need to Save Your Want List.
  5. Edit Your Want List
    After saving your Want List, you can view and Edit Your Want List.
  6. Check Your Email Box
    When we restock on an item on your Want List, we'll send you an email to let you know.

The prices listed on your Want List are the base prices: if an item is on sale when ordered, you will get the sale price.

Want List Management

You can now change your email address and street address on-line, click here

Receive e-mail notification by publisher and/or title/keyword! This new feature allows you to add to your Want List entire publishers, titles, or keyword searches. If, for example, you collect Tarzan comics, you currently would have to search under Dell, Gold Key, DC, Charlton, and Dark Horse to select specific issues that you are seeking. Now you can sign up on the Want List to be notified immediately any time that any previously out-of-stock item with the keyword Tarzan is entered into our inventory. You can add and delete publishers as often as you would like. And, the keyword searches can also be updated. We we also be adding the feature of being notified daily or once a week. If you need to register a username and password, please use our quick registration form to create your own username and password. If you have a registered username and password with us, go directly to your Want List Profile.

In our Internet Store there is now a column that allows you to ask us to notify you when an item that is currently out-of-stock becomes available. All you need do to backorder an item is to fill in the little box to the left of the ordering box and save your Want List with your username and password. That data will be stored in your spot on our server, and accessed each morning when we upload the new inventory. If an item comes into stock that you're seeking, an e-mail will automatically be sent to you!

No one who receives an e-mail is obligated to buy that item, but rather has the option to purchase, if they so desire. But it will be somewhat of a scramble, as there will often times be several people registered for the same item. In that case orders will be accepted on a first-come basis. It will be really easy to order, however, as each notification e-mail will contain a link right into that item in our Internet Store!

Everyone who backorders items will be given an area on our server that will contain a summary of which items you have on backorder, and how much they currently cost. You can review your entire backorder list, and delete any item, at any time with your username and password. We will view you desires, however, along the desires of everyone else who is participating in the backorder program, and use that data to focus our buying into collections of what you want us to buy!

Before you can create your Want List, you will need to register a username and password. Please make sure the name and address information are complete. You will be sent an e-mail that will have a link you will need to click on to verify your e-mail address. Once you have unlocked your username and password (clicking on the link), you will be able to store your Want List.

Publisher, Title, Keyword Searches
You can add publishers, titles, keyword searches to be notified when an item previously out-of-stock item in entered into our inventory.

What is New In Stock at Mile High Comics
Visit our New In Stock to see what was added into our Internet Store daily.

Register a Username and Password
You must register a username and password (with your name and address) to be able to store your Want List, View Your Want List, and/or Manage Your Want List.

View Your Current Want List
You must save your Want List with your username and password.

Manage Want List
You can view and delete items from your Want List.

Forgot Your Password?
If you have fogotten your password, with your username have a your password emailed to you.

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Order on-line for items currently in stock. And, create a Want List for items that are out-of-stock.

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