by Bob Gough, Contributing Writer

  • Steve "the Dude" Rude
    Steve "the Dude" Rude broke onto the comic book scene in 1981 with the introduction of First Comics' Nexus, written by collaborator Mike Baron. He gained critical acclaim quickly for his dynamic and clean style, inspired by the work of comics legend Jack "the King" Kirby, but delivered with a unique style, devotion to consistency and love of detail. He's a two-time Eisner Award winner and recipient of the Russ Manning Newcomer Award in 1983. Steve is also the self-described "keeper of the flame" at Marvel and revels in each chance to do homage to Kirby's Fourth World saga at DC. His latest projects have been a series of four issue mini-series of Marvel icons such as Spider-Man: Lifeline, X-Men: Children of the Atom and Thor: Godstorm. The next is Captain America: What Price Glory available in March 2003. Ardent fans can't wait for each new project.
  • Geoff Johns
    Writer Geoff Johns infuses excitement into any title he's attached to. Although he followed in the footsteps of landmark writers on signature titles (he and David Goyer followed James Robinson on JSA; he followed Mark Waid on Flash), Johns has proven that he's no caretaker scribe. Once a title has his name on it, that series becomes a phenomenon of its own. Characters are lively and three dimensional, his dialogue alone paints mental pictures for the reader of crisp, unique characters who jump, creep or fly off the page.
  • Joe Kubert
    The promise of youth has always been the hallmark theme throughout the sterling career of Joe Kubert. Joe started drawing for comics at age 12 and over 60 years later, his world-famous art school hones the skills of young artists who wish to make their own contributions to the field. And the heroes Joe created or brought into the limelight - Tor, Sgt. Rock, Hawkman, to name just a very few - provide hours of entertainment for fans of quality comic art, young and old alike....
  • Bob McLeod
    For two generations of comics fans, the name Bob McLeod has been synonymous with quality pens and inks. Whether it was as co-creator of Marvel's New Mutants, or as penciller for DC and Marvel's flagship titles (Superman and Spider-Man), or as an inker on a multitude of books, McLeod embodies bold, confident creativity. He's passed on that vision to readers of Marvel's popular How to Draw Super-Heroes line of instructional books and continues to inspire young artists today....
  • Jerry Ordway
    Jerry Ordway's strength as both a comics writer and artist is his ability to humanize his characters in a way that makes them endearing and approachable (even the villainous ones). Since his first break in comics in 1980 (inking a Carmine Infantino-penciled story in Mystery in Space #94), Ordway has grown quickly into a unstoppable force in modern comics....
  • Tony Daniel
    Tony Daniel's career as a comic book illustrator and writer has long provided fans with iconoclastic storylines, exciting and sexy characters and unforgettable scenarios of nightmare and intrigue. Now, as he moves further into screenwriting, his comic book work is inspiring a new generation of artists and writers....
  • Paul Gulacy
    Paul Gulacy - for many collectors all it takes is for that name to appear on a book and it's a sale. Since 1973, Gulacy has been a force in the comic book industry, working on more than two dozen regular titles and contributing to scores more. Cinematic styling, lush backgrounds, graceful characters, powerful, soulful men and beautiful, dangerous women - these are his hallmarks....
  • Roy Thomas
    With the seventh volume of the All-Star Comics Archive now available, the monthly JSA comic kicking into high gear in its second year, and the release of The All-Star Companion, the definitive study of the 'swell buncha guys' that made up the Justice Society of America, it was time to check in with comics legend Roy Thomas......

  • Don McGregor
    I've been a fan of yours since Jungle Action and Amazing Adventures and also enjoyed seeing your work for Eclipse in the '80s. Congratulations on the upcoming projects......

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