Chuck Welcome to the world of Mile High Comics. I'm Chuck Rozanski, the founder of the company. I started Mile High Comics in my parent's basement in 1969. I was thirteen years old. When I was fourteen I started selling comics at an upscale indoor flea market. At seventeen I was a dealer at my first national convention. At nineteen I opened the first Mile High Comics retail store in Boulder, Colorado. At twenty-one I had a chain of four stores, and had purchased the "Mile High" collection of Golden Age comics, the largest and highest-quality collection of old comics ever discovered.

Chuck_Rozanski Discovering that huge collection was a watershed event in my life. Up to that point I had obviously dedicated myself to selling comics. But my primary interest was profit. When I found the Mile High Collection, however, I knew that the odds were slim that I would be able to purchase it. The collection was worth too much, and my resources were too meager. So I made a vow to myself that, if I could pull off buying that incredible collection (Mint copies of every book published from 1938-1950), I would dedicate my life to promoting comics as an art form, and do everything in my power to help the comics industry to prosper. To make a long story short, a unique set of circumstances allowed me to get the collection, and I've worked on keeping my vow for over twenty years.

Chrstmas_2001 During those years I'm very proud that I've become one of the leaders in the world of comics. I acted as a catalyst for many of the institutions that now comprise the Direct Market. I helped comics shops expand from numbers in the hundreds to numbers in the thousands. And I've worked hard to help small publishers become a significant part of the market.

While I accomplished much of this on my own, it can't be forgotten that much came about due to the support I received from individual fans. At Mile High Comics we've been blessed to receive over 500,000 back issue orders from fans all across the world. Those orders, plus the monthly purchases from our 20,000 N.I.C.E. subscription club members, and the thousands of fans who've supported our numerous stores in Colorado and California, have been the source of capital that has allowed us to grow. Every penny we've earned has been reinvested in the company, and we now have, by far, the largest inventory of comics and collectibles in the world. San_Diego

If all this sounds idyllic, it pretty much has been. Mile High Comics has grown to be a leader in the comics world, and I've been very fortunate to be joined by a staff of fifty individuals who share many of my values and beliefs. These good folks, collectors all, are the ones who presently make sure that everyone who deals with Mile High Comics feels good about having done business with us. They share my desire to always provide good value, and when errors occur in some orders (as they inevitably will) to correct those errors as absolutely quickly as possible.

California_MegaStore We are now embarking on an entirely new journey by creating this web site, and commencing an active e-mail information program. Over time, we're expecting to be able to gradually offer our entire inventory on the web site, and to eventually turn our web site into the #1 source of bibliographic information about comics in the world. These will be tough goals to achieve, but I'm determined (finances permitting) to work toward these goals as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, I would hope we could serve your collecting needs in some way. While our entire inventory is not yet up on the web site, many of the 5,000,000 back issue comics we can offer are already posted. Still to be listed are Golden/Silver Age Comics, Cards, Toys, Games, Movie Memorabilia, T-Shirts, etc. In our Mega-Stores we have plenty of these items available, but getting them all listed will take some time. We can, however, answer individual inquiries about these types of items. Please e-mail us with any questions you might have, and we'll try and get back to you within 24 hours (except on weekends). Our goal is to help you, and thus keep you coming back to us for even more help in the future. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. Tanith,_Aleta,_Elsbeth,_and_Rowan_Rozanski We don't have all the answers, but we probably surprise you with all the things we can do. All you need do is start the ball rolling by initiating the first contact. Come on, do it now. We're waiting to hear from you!


Chuck Rozanski, President
Mile High Comics

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