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Dallas Stephens was born in 1946 in a small town on the windswept plains north of Amarillo, Texas. While his family was just about as poor as any that could be found in that dryland farming region of the Texas Panhandle, Dallas managed to gain an early appreciation for the wonders of comics and graphic art from his visits to the local barbershop. There, while taking a brief respite from the colorless drudgery of Texas farm life, Dallas found himself transported into worlds of wonder that helped him transcend the penurious existence of a share-cropping farm family. While the 25 cent cost of the local movie theater's matinees was often beyond the constraints of his family's meager budget, the wonderful stacks of comics that were available for free reading in the barbershop provided the one source of exciting entertainment in an otherwise barefoot and culturally bare existence. (click on image for larger view)

While his family's fortunes were quite poor during his early childhood, his parents persevered and worked very hard, finally bringing the American dream to fruition by achieving a far better life for their three children. Dallas was eventually able to gain entrance to the Univ. of Texas at Austin, and graduated with a degree in Biochemistry in 1975, sandwiched around almost 4 years in the Army. Most of his professional career has been in computers and accounting, helping numerous firms ferret out the root sources of unusual financial situations. The substantial rewards of this rare and wonderful talent eventually provided Dallas with the financial ability to begin seriously collecting the comics that he had loved so much as a young boy. (click on image for larger view)

Like most beginning collectors, his initial purchases were of all sorts and kinds of comics. After a brief while, however, heeding the sage counsel of several noted Golden Age dealers, Dallas decided to narrow the scope of his collecting, choosing to focus on obtaining only comics in the highest condition and grade. As a result, he gradually built his collection over 15 years, and became a near-legend among comics dealers in the Southern California region for his discerning good taste, and relentless pursuit of quality. Since he purchased from so many sources, however, no one knew that he had gradually accumulated well over 50,000 (!) high grade comics, ranging from early Golden Age issues, well into the Silver and Bronze Ages, and even right up to premium copies of the best issues from the past few years. He was also a major purchaser of comics from noted pedigree collections, including White Mountain, Salida, Dell file copies, and a very large high grade collection out of Texas which will soon have its own pedigree. Without a doubt, Dallas Stephens has put together one of the best private collections of comics in the entire history of the collecting field.

Unfortunately, a long-standing medical condition incurred during his time in the service resulted in several emergency surgeries in the last few years. His recovery has been long, slowing the collecting process. This trip to death's door has encouraged him to reevaluate the use of his time and energy. Dallas has reluctantly made the wrenching decision to sell his beloved comics. Over the next several years, we will gradually be cataloging and pricing all the books from his prodigious collection, and offering them for sale at www.milehighcomics.com. While some issues from Dallas' collection will be posted to our website immediately, we are estimating that at least 5,000 of his premium issues will be sent to CGC for grading, as well as a large number of his more recent comics. Given the enormous size and scope of his collection, this will be the largest single collection offered for sale by Mile High Comics since the Mile High II collection was released to the national market in 1985.

Dallas with his two youngest kids
Austin & Victoria
While Dallas realizes that the time has come to finally part with his cherished books, one important consideration to him is that it is never forgotten that it was genuine love and passion for comics that motivated him to build such a wonderful collection. With that thought in mind, we've created a special certificate of authenticity, which will be provided, free of charge, with each Dallas Stephens comic. In taking this extra effort, it is our hope, as the years go by, that the legacy of Dallas' hard work in building this wondrous comics collection is never forgotten. (click on image for larger view)

Chuck Rozanski,
President - Mile High Comics, Inc.
May, 2003

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