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The links on this page go to title listing pages which list titles (and the publisher) available for NICE OCTOBER 2022 pre-order, sorted alphabetically. Each link contains the name of the first title and last title on the listing page. To find the comic book, trade paperback, or other item you are seeking, select the link below where the title you are searching falls alphabetically.

E-RATIC: RECHARGED (2022) #4 by Artists, Writers & Artisans Inc.
EARTHDIVERS (2022) #4 by IDW Publishing
EARTHDIVERS (2022) #4 COVER B by IDW Publishing
EARTHDIVERS (2022) #4 COVER C by IDW Publishing
EARTHDIVERS (2022) #4 COVER D by IDW Publishing
EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE (2022) #4 NYCC by Marvel
EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE TPB (2022) #1 by Marvel
EIGHT BILLION GENIES (2022) #8 by Image Comics
EIGHT BILLION GENIES (2022) #8 COVER B by Image Comics
EL BORDE TPB (2022) #1 by Sumerian Comics
ELEPHANTMEN 2261 TPB (2022) #1 by Dark Horse Comics
END AFTER END (2021) #5 by Vault
END AFTER END (2021) #5 COVER B by Vault
EVE: CHILDREN OF THE MOON (2022) #3 by Boom Studios Publishing
EVE: CHILDREN OF THE MOON (2022) #3 COVER B by Boom Studios Publishing
EXCITING COMICS (2019) #31 by Antarctic Press
EXCITING COMICS (2019) #31 COVER B by Antarctic Press

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