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Title: DANCE CLASS TPB (2019) #4 3 IN 1

Publisher: Papercutz

DANCE CLASS TPB (2019) #4 3 IN 1 is available for pre-order (and as an ongoing monthly subscription). To view details of this item, and place a pre-order for this title, see DANCE CLASS TPB (2019) #4 3 IN 1 in the Mile High Comics NICE comic book subscription section.

DANCE CLASS 3IN1 GN VOL 04 (C: 0-1-0)
Meet Julie, Lucie, and Alia! Whether it's ballet, modern dance, or hip-hop, these three are committed to getting better, and maybe one day making it to the Nationals! In the meantime, they still have school, family, crushes, and everything else life throws their way. Follow along with their hilarious misadventures as they practice to perfection, ace their recitals, and hopefully make it through with no bumps and bruises! Bundle up for a presentation of the Snow Queen in 'Letting it Go,' 'Dance with Me' in the sunny siesta-filled salsa dancing of Spain, and find out who is 'The New Girl' in Dance Class! Collecting Dance Class #10-12 of this popular rhythmic graphic novel series! (W) Beka (A) Crip

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