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Title: 50 HC (2022) #1

Publisher: Clover Press, Llc

50 HC (2022) #1 is available for pre-order (and as an ongoing monthly subscription). To view details of this item, and place a pre-order for this title, see 50 HC (2022) #1 in the Mile High Comics NICE comic book subscription section.

50 (FIFTY) HC (C: 0-1-1)
A special unit of the FBI has the mission of cataloguing, classifying, and tracking down the worst serial killers in the country. But some don't fit the profile and have proven to be elusive. There are 50 of these killers, tagged as 'suspect zeroes.' The most formidable of all, codenamed 'Schrödinger's Cat,' decides to challenge the FBI by tracking down the other 49. His rules of the game are simple: if the Feds find his designated target before him, he will reveal a clue about himself. If they arrive too late, he will kill each 'suspect zero,' one by one. 50 is a breathtaking detective thriller that keeps you guessing until the end! (W) Remi Guerin (A) Alexis Sentenac

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