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Thanos has gathered the Infinity Gems - and he plans to transform our universe into a nightmarish tribute to his true love, Death! Adam Warlock and the Silver Surfer unite Earth's heroes and the universe's cosmic powers to stand against the Mad Titan and his Infinity Gauntlet, but when the dust settles, Warlock's good and evil sides - the Goddess and the Magus - may prove to be even bigger threats! Witness the birth of the Infinity Watch as the universe deals with infinite war and a cosmic crusade! But through all the chaos, what is Thanos' secret agenda? Jim Starlin's cosmic masterpiece, the 1990s' 'Infinity Trilogy,' is collected in full in this titanic box set, including every chapter, crossover and tie-in - plus an entire volume of bonus stories and behind-the-scenes extras! It doesn't get more Infinite than this! Includes INFINITY GAUNTLET PROLOGUE PREMIERE HC, INFINITY GAUNTLET PREMIERE HC (NEW PRINTING), INFINITY GAUNTLET CROSSOVERS PREMIERE HC, INFINITY GAUNTLET AFTERMATH PREMIERE HC, INFINITY WAR PREMIERE HC, INFINITY WAR CROSSOVERS VOL. 1 PREMIERE HC, INFINITY WAR CROSSOVERS VOL. 2 PREMIERE HC, INFINITY WAR AFTERMATH PREMIERE HC, INFINITY CRUSADE PREMIERE HC, INFINITY CRUSADE CROSSOVERS VOL. 1 PREMIERE HC, INFINITY CRUSADE CROSSOVERS VOL. 2 PREMIERE HC, INFINITY GAUNTLET COMPANION PREMIERE HC and INFINITY GAUNTLET BOX SET POSTER. Rated T

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